OER16: Are we Openness Ready? Towards an Open Learning Scale

Together with Shaun Hides, Christian Friedrich co-facilitated a workshop at #OER16 asking the question: “Are we Openness Ready?”

In the original workshop description, we proposed to unpack openness across six drivers:

  1. Governance, policy and administration
  2. Participation, engagement and outreach
  3. Technology, infrastructure, and production
  4. Ownership, sharing and accessibility
  5. Content, curriculum and courseware
  6. Pedagogy, learning and collaboration

Shaun and Christian briefly touched on the idea of the six drivers of openness and gave examples after which the workshop participants went into work mode and came up with fantastic prototypes along one of the drivers of openness. Here’s a brief summary of the workshop, which we also offered at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab in Coventry.

Here are our slides from the Workshops:


The prototypes that participants came up with were truly amazing. Here are the video presentations of four teams:

Christian collected some tweets and resources in a Storify after the two workshops. Enjoy: