Towards Openness is a research driven knowledge base that seeks to provoke conversations and to advise decision makers and practitioners towards building social and technological infrastructure for connected learning.

While Towards Openness was originally conceived by a small group of people in 2016, the various contributions in workshops, blogposts, comments and resources could not be valued highly enough. Most Towards Openness sessions are designed for active participation. Hence, every participant in a workshop or online session is a valued member and contributor to this ongoing conversation.

Contributors to Towards Openness also include:

Robin DeRosa

Maha Bali

Chris Gilliard

Ahmed Kharrufa

Sarah-Jane Crowson

Rob Farrow

Sherri Spelic

Mary Helda Akongo

Elana Zeide

Hoda Mostafa

Taskeen Adam

Paul Prinsloo

Sukaina Walji

Rajiv Jhangiani

Parisa Mehran

Shanali Govender


TowardsOpenness was conceived by:

Nishant Shah

Markus Deimann

Kate Green

Christian Friedrich