Provocation for #breakopen by Suzan Koseoglu

A provocation for the #BreakOpen workshops at #OER18 and #OEGlobal18 by Suzan Koseogluethics, epistemology, equity, and power (a longer response by Suzan was posted on her blog here).

A response to the provocative question posed by Maha Bali, Taskeen Adam, Catherine Cronin, Christian Friedrich, Sukaina Walji, Christina Hendricks’s (+ Martin Weller and Jamison Miller):

How do we use openness to exclude, overpower and/or oppress marginalized individuals, communities, knowledge systems?

My provocation is a reaction to the way this questions is phrased and is as follows:

Who is the “we” in this question? Is that you, or me? Are “we” the ones who are in the privileged position? If we is the one in the privileged position, who is the other?

Is there another way to ask this question without creating two opposites (us and the other)? Without othering?

Just to help you with the last question, here is a definition of othering taken from the site “there are no others”

Othering: Any action by which an individual or group becomes mentally classified in somebody’s mind as “not one of us”.   

Thank you.

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