Provocations: a collection of all the provocations included in Towards Openness workshops

For the workshop “Ubuntu for Who?” at Wikimania 2018:

Taskeen Adam

Paul Prinsloo


For #BreakOpen workshops at #OER18 and #OEglobal18:

Suzan Koseoglu

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams

sava saheli singh

Thomas Mboa

We have compiled all #BreakOpen provocations in one Google Doc here.

For #OEB17 workshops: Mary Helda Akongo, Sherri Spelic, Elana Zeide

For #OEB17 workshops: Sarah-Jane Crowson, Chris Gilliard, Ahmed Kharrufa, Rob Farrow



For #OEB16 workshops: Maha Bali, Robin DeRosa, Kate Green, Nishant Shah


Workshop Videos

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