Provocation for #breakopen by Thomas Mboa

A provocation for the #BreakOpen workshop at #OEGlobal18 by Thomas Mboa.

Does Open Education necessarily involve digital technologies?

  • If so, how can teachers who are lacking IT skills or with limited access to computer can be actors of open education?
  • If not, how relevant education without digital technology is in open education?

Before you reply to these questions, I invite you to read this report describing partially the Cameroonian context. This quote is the report made by my friend Michel Pauli, after training entitled: “how to use the open source and computer in education”, made for the teachers of my school.

“It was no electricity in the school as it happens many times,  but we could make our demonstration with a Raspberry Pi connected to a solar charger. I began my presentation with the question, “how to build his own computer”. Very soon the participants criticise this topic as most of them have no experience at all with computers. Only one person had a computer, a few had a so-called smart phone. How can we use open source and Raspberry in education, where even most of the teachers doesn’t have a computer. We continue the workshop showing how Wikipedia can be used in a school without the internet. Most of them don’t know what is Wikipedia. But they see that we can find a lot of info in Wikipedia but many phones could not reach Wikipedia, I suppose they have bad phones. A guest made a remark that Africa need not only information from everywhere, but information from and for Africa.”

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